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You’re in this for the long haul

Timing is everything.

It is usually in hindsight, looking back after the fact at some event or
other, that it can be clearly seen that when a decision is made or action
is taken was as important as what that decision or action is in the first
place. Life is an endless string of cause and effect, and the timing of
each and every decision made along the way determines the outcome
as much as any other factor. Decisions can be premature, or they can
be too late. It is only by taking into account the facts in evidence at any
time that any success at timing can be seen.

Understanding the nature of timing, and making decisions and
taking actions at the most optimal time is often a matter of discipline.
Decisions that are based upon attainment of immediate reward such as
the short-sighted seeking of instant gratification can resonate further
than intended. There can be repercussions that extend far beyond the
benefit of the short-sighted goal. In 1387 Chaucer wrote the
CANTERBURY TALES in which he included the truism that “In wikked
haste is not profit.” This was re-worded by John Ray in his 1678 A
COLLECTION OF ENGLISH PROVERBS as: “Haste makes waste, and waste
makes want, and want makes strife between the goodman and his
wife.” In simplest terms, by seeking premature gain, one may end up
losing more than was sought after in the first place.

It is the practiced discipline of putting off the natural tendency to
seek instant gratification that enables one to plan out, commit to, and
achieve long-term goals. The delaying of gratification will often free up
resources that allow for the implementation and realization of longer
term plans. This longer term approach includes the potential for the
ultimate creation of actual conditions that provide for on-going
enjoyment of the very same type of gratification that was delayed.
A simple picture of this is the dilemma of choice faced by the hungry
farmer at planting time. Does he eat the seed in his possession, in
which case he is momentarily satiated, or does he plant the seed so as
to be able to produce a crop, reap a harvest, have another year of food
to eat and realize a profit of having seed to plant with again the
following season. Of course there are endless variables that will affect
the outcome of this little example, but they do not affect the basic
principle that if the crop seed is eaten out of hand, no possibility exists
for future enjoyment.

The other side of the timing issue is to react too slowly to
information or to disregard the facts in evidence until it is too late and
miss the optimum moment. It is said “He who hesitates is lost.” History
tell us that 80% of investors will not get excited enough about an
opportunity in time to profit from the particular trend and end up
buying when things are at the top and selling as they hit the low.
Some are frozen in their tracks when faced with a decision and
suffer from the “analysis paralysis” of looking too long before they leap.
This is especially disabling in the world of intra-day trading when
opportunity for reaction to miniscule changes can only be taken
advantage of by the timely and skillful execution of judicious actions of
the technical trader. This is not that kind of microcosmic investment
opportunity. This moment in history, which will see the manifestation
of The Silver Bomb, is the sum total of all the years, of all the days, and
of all the trades ever made. It is more like becoming aware of the
seeping cracks appearing in the face of a dam just before it bursts, or
hearing the muffled grunts emitted deep within a mountaintop
snowpack just before an avalanche.

The entire premise of this book is that the world, particularly the
western world, stands at the edge of the change of an epoch. As it has
been pointed out in these pages, much of that change will be repetition
of cycles that have been observable throughout human history. It will
also include events that have no prior precedent and will never happen
again. The decline of the western empire, with the concurrent
paradigm shift away from the fiat currency based economy resembles
past historical precedent. It is understandable as a discernibly cyclic
phenomenon, the pieces and parts of which can be seen in prior
empires and prior ages. The collapse of an experiment with paper
currency followed by the re-monetization of precious metal is also
nothing new. The change that is coming that has never been seen
before will be due to the global realization of the new intrinsic value of
silver due to the never before seen consumption of it as an industrial

It is the combined timing of this new rarity of available silver on
planet Earth, with the unfolding events of the west-to-east transference
of wealth, and the unfolding global return to metal as money that have
set up the soon to be witnessed triggering of what has been referred to
in this book as The Silver Bomb. The price of silver is low…right now. It
is about to go up at a rate that can and will only happen once in history.
The release of this book, or others like it that address the same topic,
may have an effect in the further acceleration of the paradigm shift
towards awareness about the new rarity and therefore the new relative
built-in value of silver. That has been a great portion of the drive to
deliver this information into the hands of as many as possible, and as
quickly as possible, even though doing so could actually shorten the
time-frame of the present window of opportunity to take advantage of
the simple, practical recommendations herein.

Now is the time. It is the time of all times to go long on precious
metals and particularly to go long on silver. It is time to buy physical
precious metal and actually hold it in your possession. It is time to put
every resource that can reasonably be used into silver. History tells us
there will be price fluctuation and as we have seen, ALL markets are
currently rigged and subject to wild volatility due to massive
manipulation. These manipulated fluctuations are all based on the
exertions of a central banking cartel whose goal is to hide the truth and
perpetuate the paper dollar fraud as long as possible. The game has
changed however, with the global economic shift to the east, and that
western banker cartel influence will soon end. Pay no attention to price
volatility in the interim. The change, that is described in these pages as
The Silver Bomb will be unmistakably different from any of the present
or even historical price fluctuations. If you buy silver one day and the
next it drops 20%, don’t let this shake you because that 20% loss is
measured off of the current illusion of wealth; the US Dollar, which
again, with all other currencies and assets that are denominated in
dollars, is going to crash. It is at that point that those with physical
metal, especially silver in hand are going to be the new RICH of the new
era. Don’t look back in other words. Buy it with both fists now and
don’t look back.

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