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Sunday, June 24, 2012 By the SilverBombSquad After a momentary surge in anticipation of the effect announcements from last week’s FOMC meeting would have, the spot silver price has continued slipping from the $48.00 an ounce peak seen last year.  This has made many investors leery of possible further losses if the trend should continue. The price of silver seemingly cannot even be discussed without the inevitable use of the “v” word.  Over and over we hear it as the central theme of the repetitive “silver prices are volatile” litany, particularly from those who are incorrigibly bearish toward the white
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Papering over Paying the Piper

March 29th, 2012 → 9:06 pm @

Posted by SilverBombSquad Monetizing the National Debt by rendering it insignificant through inflation. America can never pay back its debt. Unimaginable trillions of Dollars have been loaned into existence, created out of thin air to prop up the banks and the economy.  America’s national debt currently stands at 100% or more of GDP, with roughly half of that debt held by foreigners.  The days of exporting debt are over, now it’s time to default on it…one way or another. Perhaps Vice-president Dick Cheney was right when he said that deficits don’t matter.  In a world where, at least for the
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