Evidence of Move to New World Reserve Currency

April 5th, 2012 → 6:52 pm @

U. S. Dollar to become second-hand currency as Emerging World Economies assert Autonomy  By SilverBombSquad, 4/05/2012 Departing World Bank head Robert Zoellick explains that “the goal for China is the internationalization of the Yuan”.  Instability in the western developed economies continues to reveal itself in “credit event” aftershocks ranging from the triggering of Greek Credit Default Swaps to the under-reported “stealth” expansion of the USD-denominated monetary supply. Recent U.S.-led economic policies resulting from on-going tensions in the Middle-East have initiated an Eastern emerging nation “taking of sides” with Western sanction-hit Iran.  China, Russia, and India are seeking to by-pass “UN”
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