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Like in the iconic scene from The Wizard of Oz, the imposing curtain
has been jerked back and all who dare to look inside can see the phony,
manipulated charade that the financial system really is. The average
person is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall in the form of
current events like the Fed’s profuse money printing, euphemistically
referred to as “Quantitative Easing,” and in Moody’s heretofore
unheard of “de-rating” of the USA’s credit score. The financially influenced
mewling of the otherwise muted mainstream media is no
longer able to pacify an increasingly awake audience, no matter how
many times, for example, the myth of a bail-out boosted recovery is
touted. The “official story” of the way things are supposed to work
financially has all but lost its credibility.

The only thing that is consistently, not only holding its value, but
also steadily delivering a positive return on investment is precious
metal, particularly silver and gold. A paradigm shift is now underway in
how people everywhere in the world view paper money, especially the
ailing US Dollar. Several nations of the world are now favoring physical
gold as a medium of exchange, notably for the sale and purchase of oil.
Moves have begun to abandon the US Dollar as the world reserve
currency and exchange rate standard against which the values of all
currencies are fixed.

Banks have lost their position of trust and favor as they ask too
much of the populace. The growing sentiment is that the banks seem to
presume that the public is obliged to come to the banks’ rescue, in
between being there only to surrender their wealth as depositors and
investors. The monolithic central bank is beginning to show signs of
imminent fracture. Ice-breaking efforts by outspoken Legislators and
vocal, populist constituencies inside the US include public calls for, at a
minimum, a complete third-party audit of The Federal Reserve, the
nation’s central banking system. Market downturns and banker
bailouts, combined with soaring prices and a deluge of disconcerting
financial news have eroded consumer confidence in the ability of the US
Dollar to reliably function as a secure store of wealth.

This book is about the prominent role silver will play in the return to
metal as money. This is not a book about some predictive financial
philosophy, but rather a frank, no-excuses glimpse at the current state
of things, and an honest, candid look at logical outcomes. The
prestidigitations of central banking, which have until recently been
shielded from scrutiny by a cloak of pro-banking cultural bias, are laid
bare within these pages. Intimidating and complex financial and
historical connections, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole they
first may seem to be, are plainly exposed by the application of good
strong light and close inspection. Formerly unquestioned fiat currency
and fractional reserve banking policies and their inevitable and
historical results are brought out in the open and revealed. The truth-is-stranger-
than-fiction world of manipulation of the precious metals
markets is opened up so that all may see inside. The focus of this book
is not to persuade anyone that all of this has happened, or that it
continues to happen. What is revealed here is that it is occurring in
conjunction with other events of human history to create a never seen
before event—the inevitable explosion of The Silver Bomb. And most
importantly, practical actions and solutions are offered which will help
the reader prepare for what is already upon the horizon, the end of
paper money backed by nothing, and the return to metal as money.

The purpose of writing this book, on this vitally important subject,
at this moment in time is to help wake people up to the imminent
explosion of The Silver Bomb and what to do beyond the paper money
crisis, and to help them understand how to navigate the rough
economic seas ahead. It is the further aim of this book to show the
reader how to invest in silver and gold, the most time-tested means of
wealth preservation and appreciation. The Dollar is nearing the end of
its run as a world reserve fiat (meaning valuable only because it is stated
to be valuable by legal decree, and not backed in value by anything
tangible) currency, and fiat currencies are nearing their end as a whole.
Silver and gold will resume their historical role as the backing for
currencies and the standard of value. In these fiscally turbulent days,
many investment direction-seekers are looking precisely for the
information contained in this book to help them in their understanding
of what happened to the dollar, what is happening to silver and to gold,
and how to hedge the smart way.

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