Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

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Posted by SilverBombSquadJim Grant may be revealing more about himself than about any misdirection and manipulation going on over at the Fed (View here). He goes on with the premise than the ones with their hands (or one with his hands) on the levers have swayed from the course plotted by the “Founding Fathers” of the nearly 100 year old institution. Who are these founding fathers? Does he mean the blue-blood sponsor of the Federal Reserve Act Sen. Aldrich whose daughter married John D. Rockefeller? Perhaps he means central banker Paul Warburg, who was funded by the German international financial titan Kuen and Loeb to write and lobby for  a central banking act, and who went on to become Fed chairman only being relieved when wartime revealed his ties to the German bank?? What was the vision of the founders who fathered  the “Creature from Jeckell Island” anyway? If actions speak any louder than words, the position of power and control created of, by, and for the supranational globalist bankers (aka the Fed), was not one that was ever intended to be “passive” and “reactive” as Grant has allowed.
 Weak Jim, weak.View article here.

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