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Carpe Diem…Seize The Day

We go forward from here. Studies of what has happened up to this
point in history are only useful insofar as they can be of assistance in the
understanding of where we are now and where the various forks in the
road ahead will take us. To some of those who may read this book it
has been nothing but a painfully tiresome restating of the obvious. To
others, it is pure fantasy, and is destined to be discarded. To others still,
it may be the first clear picture that they have ever had, that ties
together all of the bothersome snags that have puzzled them about the
unraveling fabric of society. In the end though, even the most accurate,
timely, clear, and reliable warning is useless if it is ignored.

Every individual must make up their own mind. It is the hearty
recommendation of the authors that questions that have arisen, or may
arise in the reader’s mind, about any and all aspects of the glimpse of
things offered here should be researched further. Any honest seeker of
truth may have contrary opinions to those expressed in this book. That
is fine, as long as their opinions are based upon evidence, not
inarguable belief. Truth is often rendered inert and useless when
hampered by prejudicial belief that negates all evidence and withstands
all valid challenge or reasoning. If it is truly a matter of opinion, then
time and the mushrooming reality of what is coming will ultimately

Verification never hurts, but it must be understood and truly sink in
that it should be done expeditiously. Too much time should not be
spent at it, as time is not on our side. Now is already past the moment
for action.

The picture painted in these pages of the times upon us may be
difficult for some to agree with, but the facts about the decline in
available silver which make it the investment of the age are starkly
visible and therefore quite simple to verify. In the hypothetical
possibility that the events of the future bear no resemblance to the view
put forward here, the prudence of silver as an investment is still obvious.

The Silver Bomb will go off and when it does, those that have heeded
the advice in this book will be very glad for it. Those that have not will
be doubly sorry. First that it occurred, and second that they were given,
if not ample, then sufficient warning, but took no action. It would have
been no better for them than to have been left in the dark.

It is our brightest hope that you have found this book to be helpful
and that it has provided some benefit to you. We hope you enjoyed
reading it as well. We hope it will make you think about where we are
in history and about the future we are all facing. We hope most of all
that it gave you some concrete ideas about how you may get positioned
for the future in order to benefit from it, not be bludgeoned by it.

May God bless you, your family and our world.

With our sincerest thanks,

Michael & Christopher

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